Feeding the Future

Conference + Workshop: Innovating Tomorrow's Food Tech & Agribusiness

Rescheduled to late Sep or early October, date: TBD 

Heliconweg 60, 8914 AT Leeuwarden

Feeding the Future

Conference + Workshop: Innovating Tomorrow's Food Tech & Agribusiness

Rescheduled to late Sep or early October, date: TBD

Heliconweg 60, 8914 AT Leeuwarden


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Challenging the status quo is the story of my live. After 15 years with Rabobank Group, in 2013, I decided to change my life radically by starting at a fintech startup in Rotterdam. Since then I have worked in complete different places with innovative startups and amazing specialists in tech. In 2018, I decided to go back to my roots in Northern Netherlands. With passion and drive, I decided to start my own co-working place and startup ecosystem in Leeuwarden. Using my knowledge and skills in leadership, marketing, sales and development, I’m working for several startups and work with an (international) team developing the there concept-- a unique startup ecosystem where we live our dreams together!

Founder, CEO | There

Erwin Kenter

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Having worked in leadership and management for 11 years in the Danish Army, I changed to civilian life to pursue a career in facilitation, event management, and interactive immersive workshop production. I have worked with both large-scale domestic and international partners, like Ikea Global, to running business development workshops and hackathons for expats. I bring, amongst other qualities, diversity and playfulness to my approach which will engage you and help bring forth lasting results. Currently, I am working on internationalization of Northern Netherlands initiative, creating a Viking Festival in Copenhagen and being a moderator on a number of different events.

Event Producer |

Morten Pedersen


I am an entrepreneur from Kansas City, Kansas. I immigrated to North Holland in 2015 to marry the woman I loved and become a family with her and her children. I am in poor health and had no money, degree, or business experience. Despite this, I have built a successful web design and marketing business, helping other small businesses thrive

Social Media Optimizer |


Joe Ammel


As a free-spirited entrepreneur, I usually find myself looking outside the box to find new perspectives. I am a dreamer with a can-do attitude, I push new boundaries while utilizing what is available to get things done. I take pride in designing business and business processes that are supportive to clients’ needs by combining experience in eco-therapy, business management, organization development, with my nuanced familiarity with models of human development. Since 9 years old, my dream has been creating communities that support people to thrive, and I have worked to bring about new educational and community programs in the past 10 years. Currently, I call the Netherlands home after living & working in different parts of the US & EU for 19 years.

Business Developer | RER Global

Lily Truong

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I am an entrepreneur and consultant from the UK. I moved to Groningen in late 2016 as a trailing spouse. With a background consulting and contracting in Project Governance and Change Management, I looked to establish myself starting from no network in a new country. This challenge has ignited an entrepreneurial spirit in me and a desire to collaborate with individuals and organisations working to develop the local economy. I have found support for entrepreneurship in northern Netherlands and I am eager to help others in the future.

CFO | 

Richard Rushby


What I do might sound like a customer service robot but I swear I’m real. As a former chair of a board with years of experience and education in customer service, I enjoy organizing events. Starting out as a Finnish alcohol retail professional, I now embrace a new role of an international student of English at the UG in hopes of a more exciting life. I welcome life and opportunity with open arms and open heart. With unmatched enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and problem solving skill, I breathe freshness into writing, and communication. I bake cookies when happy, take pleasure in critical reading, picture taking, dog spotting. 

Marketing Content | 

Heidi Heinänen 

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